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Creative Reel 2022

Writer, Director, Adventurer...

Portrait in Montana.jpg

Experience Summary

  • Script/Screenplay Writing

  • Cinematography and shot planning

  • Camera operation

  • Directing

  • Crew and Talent management

  • Postproduction editing and coloring (Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve)

  • Pre-production planning (Scheduling, Storyboarding, Equipment/Prop gathering)


Hew’s most recent and most ambitious passion is film production. He made his first film in late 2020 to combine his photography, story writing, and leadership skills. In late 2020, Hew directed his first film titled “Ye Ole College Christmas”, casting a few friends to act. This project connected him to a film production club on campus called Reel Dialogue Productions. He went on to partner with Reel Dialogue in the Spring of 2021 to create “How Love Goes”. This opportunity led Hew to a position as Director of Photography on a mystery/thriller film called “A Gift For and From the Shallows" later that year. Currently, Hew is working on his first feature film called “Ornament Tree.” To be released in 2022.

Film Produciton


In 2018, Hew began his journey at Clemson University. He involved himself with Student Government, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Clemson Outdoor Recreation, and more recently a film production club called Reel Dialogue Productions.


Possibly the most fortifying experience for Hew was his time with Clemson Outdoor Recreation and Education (CORE). He began as an Equipment Specialist renting outdoor equipment, but he was promoted during his junior year to Equipment Manager. From his new leadership role, he oversaw daily rental operations for the CORE program and helped instill direction during uncertain pandemic circumstances.

School and Work

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