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Ornament Tree

Coming 2022

A Gift for and from the Shallows

Roles: Director of Photography



"A Gift for and from the Shallows" was my first project as a Director of Photography and Colorist. My role was to collaborate with the director, Eugene Utley, to carry out his vision for the story. I was in charge of directing the crew to create ideal lighting, blocking, and camera setup to best communicate Eugene's vision. I gained experience managing people as I collaborated with cinematographers, actors, audio tech, and other crew members. 

How Love Goes.

Roles: Lead Cinematographer

           Creative Direction and Shot Planning



This project was organized with on campus club Clemson Reel Dialogue Productions. This was my second experience shooting a screenplay and my first experience working under a director. 

"How Love Goes" follows two could be lovers and the idea that "the one" could be a fateful circumstance away. The short film plays with heartbreak, destiny, and the disconnect between daydreams and reality. 

Ye Ole College Christmas

Ye Ole College Christmas is my first step into the world of film. This Holiday tale is really more of a movie that a short film, but the original intention was a small short and it turned into a much larger project.


Follow this group of friends on a tumultuous and sometimes strange night as they try and enjoy Christmas with a good Ole gift exchange. They will learn about themselves and maybe even the meaning of Christmas. 

Last Nite Promo [Matthew Zemitis]

This is a quick promo vid I made for Matthew Zemitis to use on his social. It promotes his song "Last Nite" which released January 2021. Matthew is a talented singer-songwriter and clothing designer. 

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